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Who we are:

Pat & Céline Shank

     As a small local and family run company, we take great pride in offering a level of service our competitors simply cannot deliver. We are country home building consultants with over 20 years of experience in the industry.

Evergreen Concepts.ca / Environmentally Responsible Design & Building SystemsThrough our home and cottage complete building package systems, we show people how to “make a difference” with very little added cost if any? Our specialty is what we describe as “Light to Medium Green” concepts and designs. Our environmental footprint can in fact easily get smaller for many, providing that we hit a happy medium between environmental idealism and common sense. That is our main focus and objective… It is important to know that building a new home or cottage, (or even renovating an existing one) with a little positive effort towards helping the environment and our health doesn’t have to be costly.

When you visit our model homes & office, RoxAnne, our office administrator, will greet you with a smile.     The construction industry in Canada is slowly adapting to 21st century technology and a select group of builders like us have been rethinking their base concepts for years. Our children’s’ future and the future of our planet depends on what we do now. Our goal is to show as many people as we can what we can easily and economically do without sacrificing their life styles. Many builders are only recently realizing that thinking green is the way of the future and have added green options in their normal specifications without any serious investments into it. At Evergreen, we have been living it for 20 years and our passion for the environment and healthy living is our driving force. We firmly believe that this fact sets us apart from growing competitors that have simply added a few green marketing statements and or products to their approaches in order to try to reach this growing market. To properly guide people through the myriad choices that can be made, personal experience and twenty years of acquired knowledge and generated passion is all the marketing we need.

Deb, support staff and maintenance manager makes Evergreen look good! Send us an e-mail, give us a call or come and see us in Perth… our free initial consultation will help you get started on the right track and for the right budget. Please call for an appointment for this free service.

     Our tailor made light to medium green concepts and designs are easily implemented and can be very cost efficient. Through expert consultation and building methods, we’ll help you create an environmentally responsible project that you will be proud of. Taking one step at a time, our approach will also help you understand how easily it is to plan for future green and healthy additions to your new or existing home or cottage.

Tess, our morale officer.


Pat & Céline Shank
Evergreen Concepts Inc.

EverGreen Concepts inc.

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