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Alternative Energy Stoves & Fireplaces

Pellet stoveNow on Display in our Office:
Quadra-Fire Castile Model
Pellet Stove, courtesy of Clean Sweep/Alternative Energy, located in Perth, ON, owned and operated by Tim Heney.

More about pellet stoves:

Higher energy costs, especially the price of oil and natural gas, highlight the importance of alternative energy sources for Canada.

Pellet stoves are one important niche in the biomass energy category that offer a partial solution to the problem.    

Technological advances in pellet stoves have made them more efficient heating alternatives for homes, schools and small businesses.

Santa Fe Pellet Stove, alternative energy, Perth ONBasic pellet stove technology is a bit more complex than its traditional wood stove cousin. Most people think of wood stoves as free standing, large, cast iron appliances that have a compartment for holding wood. Pellet stoves build on that technology, and add some computer controlled thermostat and fuel delivery options. Some options available are programmable thermostats and even remote controls.

Winslow pellet insert, Alternative Energy, Perth ONFor the residential sector, pellet stoves range in size and style from larger versions that can replace traditional furnaces for the average 2,000 plus square foot home, or smaller versions that are installed for use in a specific living area.

As the name suggests, pellet stoves run on small and highly dried pellets made from biomass materials such as wood chips and corn. Since pellets contain much less water than even the best seasoned fire-wood, they burn more efficiently, with less smoke and more heat than split wood. Wood pellets are the most common and most efficient of the manufacturered biomass fuels today.

Clean Sweep/Alternative Energy provide three main areas of service: chimney sweeping; roofing; and stove, fireplace, insert sales and installations. They are WETT certified, offer competitive pricing and excellent service.  More about CleanSweep/Alternative Energy...

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