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Budget Consultations by EverGreen Concepts Inc.Budget Consultations:

We firmly believe that our most important service is what we have always called “Budget Consultation”. Any successful project should result not just from great design work and building skills, but also from initial professional budgeting advice.

At Evergreen, we insist that budget consultation takes place at the very beginning of the serious dreaming and eventual planning stage. This careful approach usually prevents major disappointments and possible nightmare situations of overbuilding should the budget not be seriously taken into account before too much money is invested into some sort of design and/or building package deal. We encourage potential clients to take it very slowly at first in order to get a Budget Consultations by EverGreen Concepts Inc.clear understanding of what they are getting into. Our extensive knowledge as country builders helps people focus and priorities. Very few of us are lucky enough to have unlimited funds, therefore planning around a precise budget, utilizing the knowledge of a true professional in order to provide logical cost projections makes perfect sense. It’s the only way to provide some sort of assurance that it will all end up close to the client’s financial expectations.

Any design phase needs to incorporate serious budget discussions and intelligent cost projections can only start once a complete and thorough site evaluation has been done. Budget Consultations by EverGreen Concepts Inc.Our careful professional approach works very well… whether we are helping a do it yourselfer… or someone who needs full turn key service. Anyone considering building a home or cottage should NEVER ASSUME anything when it comes to building costs. People thinking of building should always make certain that they are talking to “knowledgeable builders” as apposed to just commissioned sales staff.
If you choose Evergreen Concepts, you’ll know immediately that with our approach, your budget must always come first.

Call us… it would be a pleasure to guide you through our structured process.

Pat Shank
Senior Project Manager/Owner

EverGreen Concepts inc.

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