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At Evergreen, we strongly believe in giving back to our community by supporting charitable organizations and fostering the growth of our local economy, promoting the use of local supplies, trades, talents and expertise.



Dear Pat and Céline

My name is Nicola Oddy, and I’m writing on behalf of “Family and Friends” at Lanark Lodge. Our role is to make the lives of our family members more fulfilled, and you’ve just helped us with the biggest project we’ve ever been involved with.

I’m writing to thank you on behalf of Lanark Lodge Family and Friends, from the bottom of our hearts, for sending Kamil Lachowicz to the building site of the Tay River Pathway yesterday. He worked so hard and as the day progressed, he kept up the pace even in the heat of the afternoon.

This wheelchair accessible pathway will be for the enjoyment of the whole community. We're so excited to be able to take our loved ones to the river to experience the sights, smells and sounds of nature again in their lives!

Thank-you so much for contributing to the pathway and for helping us to give the residents something back in their lives that otherwise is no longer available to them. It’s an incredible gift.

If it’s ok with you, I’ll create a link to your website from our own. We’d also like to include your logo if you’d like to send it to me at info@tayriverpathway.ca.


Nicola Oddy,
Lanark Lodge Council of Family and Friends

On June 16th, our 12 member Evergreen.. for Life team worked up a sweat in the fight against cancer by participating in the Walk the Block for Cancer fundraiser, held at Lanark Lodge, in Perth.

Dear Celine, Pat and members of Evergreen.. for Life

Thanks so much for participating in this year's Walk the Block! ... your team raised almost $6,000.00! Total funds raised this year, 15K!! From the Cancer Society and Ontarians facing cancer, THANK YOU!

Jessica Darling-Roback
Perth & Area Community Office
Canadian Cancer Society

Lanark Alzheimer’s Society’s Annual Golf for Memories Tournament

August 2013.

Evergreen Concepts participated in the Lanark Alzheimer’s Society’s Annual Golf for Memories Tournament. It was a great success, very well organized and the weather was perfect.

Dear Celine & Pat,

We just wanted to pass along your posed group photo from our 9th annual Alzheimer Society of Lanark County GOLF FOR THE MEMORIES tournament. We are very excited to announce that we raised over $30 000.00 this year!! We couldn’t have done it without your support. We hope you had as much fun as we did. Thank you SO very much for golfing with us, and we sincerely hope that we see you again next year!

Thank you so much. Enjoy your photo of ‘Team Evergreen’!

Jammie Bannon
Education & Support Coordinator
Alzheimer Society of Lanark County

Weekend to End Women's Cancer

Evergreen Concepts proudly supported
Lisa Oldham's journey, The Weekend to End Women's Cancers

Weekend to End Women's CancerDear Celine & Pat,

Thank you again for your support in our fundraising, without your incredibly generous donations we would not have been able to walk in this year's event. You are included in our honour roll either on Katelyn's page or my own personal page (our fundraising was split so that we could both meet the minimum requirement to walk) My personal page includes our thank you to you for your support and what this weekend meant to us.

Thank you,
Lisa Oldham

We are happy to support Mel’s Farm a ” No Kill” non profit all animal rescue organization in Lanark County and surrounding area

We are happy to support Mel’s Farm a ” No Kill” non profit all animal rescue organization in Lanark County and surrounding area

Mel’s Farm is non-profit all animal rescue organization created by Melanie Young and a network of amazing and supportive friends. Together they rescue animals that have no options left . They are a last resort. They are an only hope. Animals are accepted from Lanark County and surrounding areas regardless of age, health, or temperament. They believe all living creatures should never ever suffer and deserve a chance at a life with love, respect, proper medical care and a full belly at the end of the day. All their rescues are fully vetted, spayed or neutered, microchipped, and then placed in foster homes who will provide a loving environment until they are adopted by their forever family. More information on their website: www.melsfarm.ca or follow them on Facebook.

Lanark Animals Welfare Society (LAWS)

It has been a challenging year for LAWS. Our beloved NO KILL shelter is in danger of closing! Please follow this link to see how you can help http://www.lanarkanimals.ca/index_shelter_assistance.htm

We support Lanark Animal Welfare Society

We are proud to continue supporting Lanark Animal Welfare Society. As we sold more cabins, cottages & country homes in 2012, we were able to donate $2,500.00. We're hoping to host a fundraising event in 2013, more information to follow.

Every year, we donate a portion of our profits from every home, cottage & cabin we sell.

Gift to LAWS

We proudly support Lanark Animal Welfare Society... "for the love of animals

We support Lanark Animal Welfare Society 
Lanark Animal Welfare Society

We are happy to continue our personal & corporate support of:

The Perth & District Food Bank
Perth and District Food Bank

United Way of Lanark County 

United Way of Lanark County

Civitan Club of Perth

Perth Civitan Club


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