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Our Commitment to the Environment, including Healthy Living:

Our Commitment to the EnvironmentOur company commitment starts with its owners who have been living by what they believe in every day for the past 20 plus years. Celine and Pat Shank have always been passionate about the environment and have never taken nature for granted. Previously, as sailors cruising and working as professional sailboat charter skippers in the tropics for many winters, they learned to appreciate the beauty that surrounded them daily and shared it with their charter guests.

However, too frequently they were also reminded of humanities enormous footprint by witnessing first hand the growing evidence of the numerous dead or dying ocean reefs and by the countless deserted beaches littered with plastic debris that constantly drifts in with the ocean currents.

Our Commitment to the Environment



At home in Perth Ontario, their commitment is demonstrated through their highly efficient home which is considered a light green concept.



Our Commitment to the EnvironmentHowever, it also incorporates a fully functioning grid tied hybrid renewable energy system (wind and solar).  The business office and passive solar model home is further powered by Bullfrog Power, an association working with the hydro utilities in order to funnel capital funds to Wind Power Generation and low impact water power projects in various provinces including Ontario.


This is an effort thousands of people and businesses have already joined in order to contribute… and commit to making a difference together, as a community.


With Evergreen Concepts, Pat and Celine are committed to doing everything they can to educate potential clients about the building of a healthier, environmentally responsible home or cottage. It’s simple economics and no one needs to compromise their life styles or overspend, to at least cover the basic requirements that will help us all create more sustainable communities.

 It’s easy to start making a difference, one little step at a time.

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