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Goals & Objectives:

Goals and Objectives     At Evergreen Concepts, our first objective continues to be the building of cost efficient healthier, energy efficient homes and cottages. Further, we place serious importance on the environmental impact of all our designs and associated projects. Our main goal is to demonstrate how easy it can be for most people to build “light green” while making their environmental foot print much smaller.

     Our design process and concepts coupled with ongoing consultation help people understand that building healthy and “environmentally responsibly” doesn’t have to cost a fortune or worse, have them become isolated eccentrics. In fact, all well designed and orchestrated homes and cottages have a very short capital cost payback due to the substantial energy savings that automatically result from such construction methods. The health benefits alone are often enough to convince most people since indoor pollutants have in recent years been greatly identified and labelled. Most of us know that numerous illnesses especially in children are caused by the offgasing of many widely used construction products within most homes.

Goals and Objectives     Let us show you how you can easily also "make a difference" for yourselves and your children’s children.

Together, we can help create a cleaner and greener community.

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