High Performance Structural Insulation Panels
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Our Structural Insulating Panels are used as an insulation system for the framework walls of new construction


  • Completely eliminates air leaks: the entire wall structure is wrapped in a continuous envelope from the outside, preventing heat loss of wood framing.

  • Higher performance: 40% more effective than traditional insulation methods (compared to traditional batt insulation, vapor barrier & strapping)

  • Dry and comfortable space: no inside condensation

  • Improvement of air quality: no harmful gas emissions

  • Fast installation: combines framing & insulation in one single step

  • Stability: no ozone layer depleting emissions: (no CFCs, HCFCs or coolant gas)

  • Durability: retain their insulating properties for life


Our Structural Insulating Panels are available in widths of 8’ + and heights of 8’ to 10’. The structure consists of wood components (studs) of 2”X6” or 2”X4” at 16” or 24”O/C, depending on your needs or requirements.

Energy Star Partner               Canada Green Building Council / Conseil du batiment durable du Canada - Ottawa Region 

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