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Evergreen Concepts also specializes in renewable energy and can assist you in designing and engineering a partial or full off grid electrical system. If electrical independence is what you are looking for, Distributeur autorise energie MATRIX energy Authorized Dealeras dealers for Matrix Energy, we can provide you with complete service or if you wish, all the engineering, consultation and materials required in order to getting it all done yourself… if you have the basic skills and contacts.

What is gaining in popularity is what’s called “grid tied systems”. These self contained automated systems usually cost substantially less than “off grid systems” and do help reduce your electrical bill by back feeding energy into the utility grid. Supplemental Our own hybrid wind and solar system, capable of supplying all the power our energy efficient home requires.energy is re-routed to the grid when overproducing as apposed to battery storage.

Our own system is a hybrid wind and solar 2.5KW system capable of supplying all the power our energy efficient home requires. The acquired electrical independence is very satisfying and our environmental carbon footprint is even more reduced…a great way to really “make a difference”.    


Visit the Matrix web site…www.matrixenergy.ca

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