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Postech Metal Foundations

Postech Galvanized Steel Screw Pilings, eliminate the restruictions of traditional concrete posts! Recognized by the Canadian Construction Materials Centre (CCMC #13102-R) and conforms with National Building Code guidelinesPostech Galvanized Steel Screw Pilings

Adaptable to any construction or renovation project you take on:

Residential Applications:

  • Home additions

  • Cottages, cabins & mobile homes

  • Decks

  • Carports

  • Patios & Solariums …

Support your building with confidence
 – on its own custom-made pilings
Residential Applications:

EverGreen Concepts inc.

Commercial, Industrial & Recreational ApplicationsCommercial, Industrial & Recreational Applications: 

  • Building foundations

  • Building stabilization

  • Additions

  • Sign posts

  • Cycle paths

  • Park benches

  • Playgrounds …

Engineer approved, load-bearing capacity
Practical & dependable, Postech is easy on your property – and your wallet!


EverGreen Concepts inc.

Our Equipment

Our EquipmentReach those inaccessible places… no more excavating, concrete, delays due to weather etc… Our professionals know how to meet your needs.


For further info or to see how the Postech foundation was used in our model home, please contact us.    

EverGreen Concepts inc.

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